West Sweden

A travel in the South West side of the Sweden from the forests and lakes of the Dalsland area , where the main tourists activity is the fishing , to the coast , in the Natural Park of the Koster Islands …… to arrive in Fiskebackskil , famous and pristine village of fishermen , paradise for the lobster safari .

Kladesholmen village

Dalsland area .

Fishing in a lake in Dalsland


People fishing in a lake

Landscape in Dalsland

Lacko Castle . View of the Slott Castle.

Vanern lake , the biggers lake in Europe .

Bjertorp Castle . Detail of a key of the famous Hotel .

Inside view of Bjertorp Slott . The lobby .

The embalmed bear in the entrance of Bjertorp.

Pure malt.

A fishing boat in Syd-Koster.

People in Bycycle in the sunrise . Syd-Koster island.

Detail of a fisherman house.

Landscape in Syd-Koster.

Two young boys in Syd-Koster.

Detail of garden .

Syd-Koster . People in Hotell Ekenas.

Syd-Koster . Hekenas Hotell .

Syd-Koster . Hotell Ekenas . Disco bar .

Night , Syd-Koster . Cycles to rent .

Fisherman house .

Syd-Koster . Koster Tradgardar Restaurant .

A fishing boat coming home .

Landscape in sunset from an hill in Syd-Koster .

The port canal of Fiskebackskil village .

Portrait of an old fisherman .

Landscape in sunrise .

Detail of a window in Fiskebackskil village .

Lobster safari . Fisherman on the boat .

Detail of lobster .

On the boat . Lobster pot .

Lobsters .

Fiskebackskil . View of a street .

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