Reportage/Magellano 74 Winter postcards

The Magellano 74 tell a story , he says that between two pointsthere are can be endless diversion and improvisation , because the beauty of the travel is not only caming , but to leave too . From Marina di Varazze¬† in Cannes , then throught the Lion’s Gulf to Cambrills , Palma di Majorca , Tunis Sidi Bou Said , Malta , Porto di Roma , and , at the end Viareggio. 2000 miles across the Mediterranean Sea aboard the Magellano 74 Azimut . Winter postcards from the Sea .

Sunset on the sea between Cambrills and Palma .

Navigation .

Arrival in Palma di Majorca .

Night in Palma Harbour .

Relax time on board .

Arrival in sunset in Palma 's harbour .

Navigation from Cambrills to Palma di Majorca .

Coast near Cannes . Dag Pike on nautical chart .

The freedom of navigation . Alx and Jess .

Wiew of Magellano near the coast of Sidi Bou Said .

Navigation .

Sea . The horizon .

Sunset on the sea . Wiew throught the big frontal window .

Navigation in Lion ' s Gulf .

Navigation in the night . Guard to the helm . Marco .

Waves in Lion' s Gulf .

Navigation . Looking the horizon ......a Ferry .

Dag Pike at the helm on fly .

Malta , La Valletta Harbour .

Departure from Palma in the firs morning .

Marco and Alex .

Wakes of Magellano in Palma's Harbour .

Party on board in Sidi Bou Said .

Navigation near the Palma's coast .

Navigation .

Looking the horizon . Dag Pike at the helm alone .

Magellano ' s keel .

Dag and Marco at the helm .

Reflex .

Navigation .

Navigation . The cloud's reflex in the window .

Arrival in Tunisian Water . Jess put on the Tunisia Flag .

Vip room . Alex .

Coast near Sidi Bou Said .

Marco working to laptop in his room .

Lights in Palma Harbour .

Navigation .

Dag Pike .

Sea light in down .

Navigation . Night on the sea .

Leaving Porto Maso in Malta .

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