Since 1975 about 300.000 Saharawi living in refugee camps in a area of Algerian desert near the border with Mauritania . They were driven out of Western Sahara ( Were they lived ) by the Marocco , exactly in 31 October 1975 , over of 250,000 soldiers occuped the area . The resistance of the Saharwi  People gave life to the ” Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic ” ( RASD ), and the armed resistance  against lasted until 1979 against Mauritania and 1991 against Maroc .  The Saharawi ask to come back to their Land , being the area rich in phosphates and the coast very fishing . The solution of the problem is today far , and they are to live in one of the poorest and more inhospitable areas of the world , for the high temperatures , sand storms and lack not only water but nearly all the main things to live .

Tea in desert in sunset .

Smara Camp . Inside Majuba home .

Tv .

Old Saharawi in a tend . El Ajun camp .

Smara Camp . The gardens of Smara , removed to the desert and planted with wheat .

School in Smara camp .

El ajun . An old smith .

Children .

Inside Majuba house . The kitchen .

A wiew of Smara .

A child in a hospital .

Inside a tend a woman is working .

Water supply .

Inside a tend . Everyone , in the afternoon is sleeping for the high temperature .

Young women are joking for a wedding .

Women working .

Men are praying in desert in sunset in Mecca's directions .

Walking in nothing .

Young Saharawi ' s child portrait .

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