Reportage/The Holy Land .

A reportage from the ” Holy Land ” called Israel or Palestina too . A Country full of contradictions . Moving from the ancient and sacred Jerusalem to the new and always awake Tel Aviv since to arrived to the Lebanon border, the sources of  Giordano river, the Death Sea  and the Golan highs .

Jerusalem . Two Orthodox Jews near the Wall of Cry .

Jerusalem . Wiew of the Orthodox pilgrims near to the Wall .

Jerusalem . Detail of the Wall of Cry . Prayers and wishes left between the stones of the Wall .

Jerusalem . The Arab side of the City .

Jerusalem . The Arab side of the City .

Jerusalem . Near the Wall. Chairs donated by Orthodox for pray .

Jerusalem . Near the Holy Sepulchre .

Jerusalem . Turists in visit to Holy Sepulchre .

Jerusalem . Pilgrims in adoration of the Tomb .

Jerusalem . Wall of Cry . Orthodox .

Jerusalem . Orthodox Jews wolking in the Arab side of the City .

Tel Aviv . Party on the beach .

Landescape of the Skyline of Tel Aviv .

Night traffic in seafront promenade . Tel Aviv .

Adv near the beach. Tel Aviv .

Sunset in seafront promenate of Tel Aviv .

Tel Aviv . Tombstone of Rabin , killed in this place by an Orthodox terrorist in 4.11.1995

Tel Aviv . Tomb stone in memory of the innocent victims died in the terror attak of June 2001 in a Disco .

Night life in Tel Aviv . Young girls redy for the disco .

A wiew of Death Sea .

Death Sea . Turists in the hot and salt water of the Sea .

Death Sea . Turist in the salt and hot water of the Sea.

Death Sea . Turist muddy in Death Sea Beach .

Israel , Golan Highs . Border Israel/Lebanon .

Village of Hussan . Check point of Israelian Soldiers .

Golan Highs . Near Lebanon Border . Minefields .

Natural pool near the Lebanon Border. Golan Higs . Turists swimming .

A wiew of landescape of Golan Highs near Lebanon Border .

Irrigation sistem of plain near the Lebanon Border .

River Giordano : Pilgrims in pray during a Baptism .

Plastic Bottle for holy Water of Giordano .

Sabbath Clock . An auto set upin a elevator for the Sabbath day .

Yad Vashem Museum . Jerusalem . Portrait of a Jew .

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